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Lip care products

Lips are considered as the most fragile layer of skin so to provide strong protection with a touch of healthiness. Use 100% natural lip balms and add it in your lip care products.

Lip Balm

CoCaBee's ultra-hydrating lip balm is the organic lip balm which gives your lips natural beauty. The coconut oil used in CoCaBee's ultra-hydrating lip balm prevents your lips from dryness, you can use it in your daily routine and just add this in your morning and night skincare routine. The most important feature of this is that it is certified Cert Clean and Cruelty free also suits all skin types and ages.

Hydrating lip balm for your dehydrated lips

 Rose Serum

Rose petals can lighten your lips and get rosy pink color with rose petals serum. Use it in your morning skincare routine and stay intact with pink lips. It contains glycerin which removes dead skin cells and freshness of rose petals makes your lips smooth. CoCaBee's rose petal serum will nourish your lips and keeps them healthy.

How to use-

Wash the face and apply this serum on a clean face before moisturizing. Massage it gently and softly until it gets fully absorbed.

Use Rose Serum to keep your Beauty alive.


 Natural Cream

CoCaBee's natural cream is made out of several oils like coconut and pumpkin oil which improves your skin texture. Also, there are several other ingredients like cucumber, avocado, organic shea and aloevera which reduces skin irritation and makes your skin looks hydrated. The most important feature of CoCaBee's natural cream is that it is packed in wheatgrass biodegradable tubes so there is no harm for skin as well as for environment.

Keep your face naturally glowing by using natural cream.

Waterproof liquid Lipstick

CoCaBee's waterproof liquid lipstick provides your lips, a natural glow. It is swipeable and provides subtle shimmer to your dry lips. There are various colors available like matte nude, matte beige, pink spice and many more. It has also some ingredients which prevents your lips from damage and you can use it in your daily life. Use Matte liquid lipstick to make your lips stick free, long-lasting, smudge free and get a distinctive look.

Stay intact with waterproof liquid lipstick


 Fruit Juice Lip Balm

Use CoCaBee's fruit juice lip balm to get rid of your chapped lips as it moisturize and soothe your lips.It has five flavours which are made from four ingredients like coconut oil, honey, beeswax and Vitamin E. Strawberry fruit juice balm contains Vitamin C which makes your lips looks nourishing. The most important feature of this fruit lip balm is that it is made out of natural fruits which is good for your lips. 

Remain healthy with this fruit lip products.





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