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Lip Balm

Do you know the special sauce of CoCaBee lip balm?
Its 100% organic creation and provides organic lip products.

Are you worrying to protect your lips from external factors? 

CoCaBee provides ultra hydrating lip balm which gives you moisture and make your lips softer with all natural ingredients and is a natural balm. Use CoCaBee lip balm to make your dry lips into smoother ones. The unique blend of coconut oil keeps your lips smooth for longer time so that you don't have to reapply it again and again. This lip balm suits all skin types and ages and gives nourishment to your lips and is also antibacterial lip balm. Natural ingredients in it gives your lips- a natural glow. Ultra hydrating lip balm enhances your lip texture to look perfect. CoCaBee lip balm is 100% natural and cruelty free. Various flavours are available to cater your demand such as peppermint, sweet orange, vanilla, coconut, eucalyptus and lime. You can use it daily as a part of your routine and can live a healthy life with healthy.

It's better to use lip balm but it's best to use organic and cruelty-free lip balm.

ultra-hydrating lip balm


Rose Serum

Rose petals contain antioxidants which protect your face from cell damage so here CoCaBee presents rose petal serum to soothe your skin. To nourish your sensitive skin and to reduce pores, use CoCaBee serum with rose petal extract.

Are you troubling to find a serum which reduces your dark spots and wrinkles?

Golden rose petal serum is here, just apply 3-4 drops of it to shine your face and also it is organic and chemical free serum. Rose petal serum is rich in Vitamin C which helps you to restore the oil of your skin. Apply rose petal serum to your skin to make it a glorious. CoCaBee's eco-friendly serum is better to use because it enhances your skin with organic ingredients. CoCaBee's golden rose serum is organic and it is made out of glycerin, rose petals extract. CoCaBee's golden rose serum consists of 24k gold which gives amazing shining to your face and it is 100% natural serum and is cruelty-free.

 Natural Cream

Natural Cream provides natural protection and care to your skin so CoCaBee presents pure natural cream which has 18% organic ingredients. Natural cream is less likely to cause allergic reaction and irritation. CoCaBee's pure natural cream reduces inflammation and improves skin elasticity. It has pumpkin seeds oil which is excellent lifting oil for dry and damaged skin. Your skin looks natural after using CoCaBee's pure natural cream. It is thus much safer and cruelty free that you can even apply it to babies. CoCaBee makes this cream environment friendly with no animal testing. Even it is packed in a wheatgrass biodegradable tubes leading to an Eco lifestyle.

 pure natural cream

Waterproof Liquid Matte Lipstick

Hydration is essential for your body so as your lips. So CoCaBee waterproof liquid lipstick is here which provides you hydration and natural state of your lips remains intact. Use CoCaBee's waterproof liquid matte lipstick which is long lasting, smudge proof and can be used either at work or at any occasion. CoCaBee matte color lipsticks don't melt and gives you a perfect look. The best thing of using waterproof lipstick is that it requires minimal touch-ups. Various colors are available like matte nude, matte beige, matte pink spice and many more. Also, you will get this waterproof liquid lipstick with 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty-free.

waterproof liquid lipstick

Fruit Juice Lip Balm

"Fruit is nature's candy". Use fruit juice lip balm to get a long lasting hydrated lips. Protect your lips from drying effects of the sun by using juicy lip balm. It is infused with Vitamin E which helps blood circulation and makes the lips smoother, plumper and softer. Core effect of Vitamin E is that it reduces pigmentation. Various fruit flavours are available like strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, peach and Hawaiian fruit punch. Want to reduce dark spots? Use CocaBee's Strawberry lipbalm. Pack of five is also available. 


Lip care routine is necessary to keep your lips- A glossy one. CocaBee provides the best chemical free lipbalm which is pure in its nature. Get soft lips naturally by using CocaBee natural lip products.

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